Chute Scraper Plastic, Concrete Truck Chute Scraper, With Steel Reinforced Handle



Chute Scraper Paddle, Concrete Chute Scraper Features / Benefits:

  • Fantastic Labor Saver
  • Heavy Duty Plastic
  • Handle Reinforced with Steel
  • Molded Plastic Handles (screw together for long reach)
  • Handle Length is 18″
  • Scrapes chutes clean or holds mud momentarily
  • Every driver should have one

Note: For extra length a “standard” handle (15/16″ diameter) will attach to the plastic handle that comes with the scraper.

Compare to: 02061 and C1060 and McNeilus 0002060 and 0002064


*MUST HAVE* The Strong Arm – If you buy the Chute Scraper then your purchase isn’t complete without this! Watch this video…


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