AutoRice Testing System

SKU: 1201000

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The new AutoRice, from InstroTek, is a vacuum manometer that automatically controls the entire Rice Test operation.  This unique device replaces your vacuum manometer/gauge and is programmed to automatically control and monitor all requirements of ASTM D2041 and AASHTO T209 standards.


The AutoRice is approved for use in FDOT approved asphalt testing laboratories.



  • User Friendly Operation
  • Motorized Automatic Valve for Accurate Vacuum Setting to +or- 0.4mmHg
  • Replaces Your digital Vacuum Manometer/Gauge
  • Internal Automatic Timer for Vacuum Pump and Shaker
  • Monitors Shaker Frequency to Ensure Proper Sample Agitation
  • Save Technician Time
  • USB Data Storage and Reporting


Allowing the AutoRice controller to adjust vacuum, set timers, start and stop vibration and vacuum guarantees that the test is performed exactly the same way each and every time for the most repeatable and accurate results.

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