SGA-5R Vibro-Deairator, Specific Gravity Tester



• Consistent, repeatable agitation for Asphalt Rice Test and other specific gravity determinations. • Variable vibration control allows for setting optimum agitation. • Automatic operation minimizes operator error and frees technician from hand agitation. This full-feature Vibro-Deairator is designed for consistent shaking of Asphalt Rice Test vacuum pycnometers while freeing the lab technician. It is a useful deaeration device for specific gravity tests of fine aggregates (ASTM C 128) and soils (ASTM D 854), for sample preconditioning per ASTM D 4867 and AASHTO T 283. Built-in 0—99 min., 59 sec. digital timer has 0.25 second accuracy, vibration speed control, and a three position switch for manual or timed operation—all front panel mounted for easy use. Speed control allows setting of agitation to avoid stripping of asphalt. The SGA-5R comes with fitted top and bottom plates. GW-76 Filter Flasks Sold Separately SGA-8 Vibro-Deairator Adapter Set Sold Separately Special “speed knobs” quickly secure the pycnometer. After a few loosening turns, they tilt and slide for fast removal. The steel case has rubber feet; no mounting is required. Overall Dimensions: 13x14x19in (330x356x483mm), WxDxH. Estimated Ship Weight.: 20lb (9kg).

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