Trans-Tech Systems – Distributor Training

In early May of 2016, Atlantic Supply personnel traveled to the Trans-Tech corporate office in Schenectady, New York for three days of product training.  Trans-Tech Systems designs, engineers, and manufactures instrumentation for testing the properties of in-place asphalt and soil for construction projects worldwide.  The primary products in the Trans-Tech line are non-nuclear gauges for density testing of asphalt (the PQI-380 Pavement Quality Indicator) and soil (the SDG-200 Soil Density Gauge).  Trans-Tech and Atlantic Supply have a partnership that started in 2003 and has grown in as such that Atlantic Supply now represents Trans-Tech in many Southeast states and Central American countries.

For many years, nuclear density gauges have been standard equipment for construction inspection and asphalt paving companies.  These nuclear density gauges typically contain two nuclear sources and require the owner to maintain a virtual mountain of paperwork, licensing, extensive operator and manager training, strict safety, transportation, and security procedures, and constant exposure monitoring for operators.

Trans-Tech non-nuclear density gauges utilize field-proven electromagnetic technology to obtain fast, accurate, and repeatable density readings of in-place asphalt and soil.  Combine this with features such as simple data storage/retrieval via USB, a touch screen graphic interface, on-board GPS, real-time temperature monitoring, and no safety or transportation restrictions and you will see why Trans-Tech is the leader in non-nuclear density testing technology.

Atlantic Supply personnel were hosted by Mr. Ron Berube, P.E., Vice President of Product Support, and Mr. Jaret Morse, Chief Operating Officer of Trans-Tech Systems.  The primary goal of the training was to refresh on the operation of the gauges and basic geotechnical and construction testing principles.  Mr. Berube is an experienced and licensed geotechnical engineer so he was very helpful when the training focused on ‘real world’ operation of density testing gauges.

Pic TransTech training 050916

The picture above shows Carlos Licona, President of Atlantic Supply, operating the SDG-200 with Ron Berube, P.E. with Trans-Tech Systems.  Also in attendance was Mitch Davis, who works in Outside Sales/Technical Services for Atlantic Supply.

The training was a great success and we at Atlantic Supply would like to thank the staff at Trans-Tech Systems for their time and continued support.

If you would like to learn more about how non-nuclear density gauges can simplify your testing program, visit our website at or contact your local Atlantic Supply store.