Show Report – ICUEE 2019 with Melfred Borzall

Last month in Louisville, Kentucky, the 2019 International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) was held.  The Atlantic Supply sales team was in attendance and worked in the Melfred Borzall booth during the show.  Atlantic Supply is now the exclusive stocking distributor for Melfred Borzall in the state of Florida, as well as Alabama and Mississippi.

As the largest show of it’s kind in North America, the ICUEE show is the place for underground equipment and supply manufacturers to show their latest and greatest products.  Since the show is held every two years in Louisville, attendees know to expect new and innovative products and this years show did not disappoint.

Pictured above: Melfred Borzall’s OGRE reamer

Whether it was the expansive trade show hall or the outdoor displays, there were new products at every turn.  Not to be outdone, Melfred Borzall showed off two of their housing features in the patent-pending Pit-Bull blade attachment system and the patented Fast-Ream system, which enables quick and simple pullback without the use of a reamer.

Pictured above: Melfred Borzall Pit-Bull housing and compatible Steep Taper Ultra 3 blade

Pictured above: Melfred Borzall Fast-Ream interactive booth display

On Wednesday evening, the Melfred Borzall team hosted customers and distributors for dinner and drinks and a great time was had by all who attended.

During the evening those in attendance got the public’s first look at Melfred Borzall’s new SD Housing.  After years of engineering, research, and field testing, the new SD Housing sets the bar for the entire industry as to what a sonde housing can and should do.  The SD Housing has both the Pit-Bull and Fast-Ream features and new innovations like a new lid locking system, carbide hard-facing, twin fluid jets, and sonde bumpers which protect the sonde and keep it centered in the cavity for additional protection and cooling.

Pictured above:  The new SD Housing from Melfred Borzall

Since the show, the staff at Melfred Borzall decided to extend their Crew Kit show specials!  When you purchase certain tooling, whether on the Melfred Borzall website OR from your local Atlantic Supply store, you will receive a package of Melfred Borzall hats, tee shirts, key chains, etc, for your particular purchase.  See the link below to the Melfred Borzall website for more information.

The team at Atlantic Supply would like to thank the staff at Melfred Borzall for their continued support and friendship.

If you need more information or would like to schedule a visit, please contact your local Atlantic Supply store.