Wyo-Vis HP by Wyo-Ben, Mud Polymer,
Addititve, 5 gal.


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With its fast acting high performance formula, WYO-VIS® HP quickly builds viscosity and shields clay and shale formations. Typical treatment levels for fresh water drilling fluids are .25 – 1.5 quarts/100 gallons of water, depending upon the desired viscosity or level of shale stabilization required. WYO-VIS® HP builds sufficient viscosity drilling fluids to effectively clean the hole. In addition, WYO-VIS® HP stabilizes problem shale and imparts friction reducing properties to the fluid. For best results, mix EXTRA HIGH YIELDTM GEL to a funnel viscosity of 35–40 seconds per quart, and then add WYO-VIS® HP to bring viscosity to 45–50 seconds per quart. WYO VIS ® HP provides the following advantages at low application rates:

  • Builds viscosity fast
  • Prevents bit balling
  • Shields swelling clays
  • Reduces torque

APPLICATION RATES: For addition during air drilling operations for shale stabilization or stiff foam, WYO-VIS® HP can be mixed at a rate of .25 to .75 quarts per 100 gallons of water and used in conjunction with AIR FOAM® and WYO-FOAM TM 800. WYO-VIS® HP can be thinned and broken down with sodium hypochlorite (bleach). When purging the hole and sanitizing well, treat with Clorox® (sodium hypochlorite) at a rate of 1 to 1-1/2 gallons per 100 gallons of drilling fluid. 32 Per Pallet.

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