Well Sounder 2010 Pro, Water Level Meter,
Water Level Indicator

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Well Sounder 2010 Pro The Well Sounder 2010 Pro is the latest sonic water level meter (designed and manufactured by Eno Scientific) to measure static water level in wells.  This portable handheld uinit uses sound waves to measure the distance from the top of the well to the water level.  This eliminates the need to lower anything into the well, preventing well contamination and clean up. Simply place the probe into a well cap opening and turn the unit on, within seconds the unit will display the static water level measurement. Features / Benefits:

  • Lightweight Hand-Held Data Unit / Portable and easy to use
  • Industrial Strength Carrying case with Foam Lining / Protection during transportation and storage
  • Separate Data Unit and Sensor Probe / Allows easy access to well heads in confined spaces
  • Sensor Probe fits into a standard vent connection on the well cap / No water contamination
  • Auto Temperature Compensation / Eliminates depth measurement variations due to well temperature
  • LCD Display on Data Unit / Easy to view dept, temperature, battery condition, diagnostic codes and programming interface
  • Basic Keypad Interface / Easy to find key data and programming specifications
  • Programmable Data Logging / Automatic and continuous internal capture of essential data
  • Immediate Data Capture / Record and access key spot information in the field
  • 2 Million Data Points stored in Non-Volatile Memory / Critical data is retained in the event of a power failure
  • Internal Real Time Clock / Accurate data/time stamp for all data points collected
  • USB Port / Ability to easily download data for analysis or connect to remote readout device
  • Powered by six (6) internal Batteries / Provides up to 500 hours of use
  • Power Saver Mode / Extends battery life
  • AC Adaptor / Flexible power source

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