Wash Bottle, 500 ml, 16 oz., Polyethylene, Economy Wash Bottle

SKU: H3399


Economy Wash Bottle, Polyethylene

  • 16 ounce, 500 ml, polyethylene wash bottle
  • Soft side bottle is easy to squeeze
  • Resilient bottle provide excellent leak-proof dispensing
  • Made from durable polyethylene
  • Flow rate may be adjusted by cutting back dispenser tip

Used to rinse various laboratory glassware, such as test tubes and round bottom flasks. Wash bottles may be filled with a range of common solvents and reagents.  These include deionized water, detergent solutions, rinse solvents (acetone, isopropanol, ethanol).  In biological labs it is common to keep sodium hypochlorite solution in a wash bottle to conveniently disinfect unneeded cultures. Related Products:

  • Safety Wash Bottle, 500ml, 16 oz.,
    Nalgene Part # G341

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