Tunnel-Gel® SW, Salt Water Mud by Baroid


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Baroid Tunnel-Gel® SW viscosifier is a specially formulated bentonite-based drilling fluid additive designed to viscosify brackish or saline make-up water. Fluid systems designed with Tunnel-Gel SW viscosifier assist in providing borehole stability, filtration control and improved carrying capacity in Drilled Shafts, Tunneling, Horizontal Directional Drilling and other construction applications. Applications/Functions Use of Tunnel-Gel SW viscosifier assists or promotes the following:

  • Effective viscosifier in brackish to highly saline make-up water
  • Improved carrying capacity
  • Enhanced filtration control and borehole stability
  • Enhanced borehole stability


  • Allows for the use of saline water for fluid development
  • Provides lubricity in resulting drilling fluid
  • Promotes enhanced fluid stability in saline environments

Typical Properties

  • Appearance: Light Gray to Tan
  • Specific Gravity: 2.4
  • Bulk Density ,lb/ft3: 50

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