Tru-Bore® Bentonite by Wyo-Ben, 50 lb. Bag


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TRU-BORE® is a highly concentrated bentonite based drilling fluid designed for difficult drilling operations in both vertical and horizontal borings. It is extremely effective in horizontal drilling applications to maintain hole integrity during pullback. It is non-toxic and environmentally safe. Its fast-hydrating formula allows contractors to mix fast and build viscosity quickly. TRU BORE ® stabilizes formations ranging from moderate clay soils to high concentrations of sand. By forming a thin tough filter cake, fluid loss to areas around the borehole is reduced. These factors, coupled with excellent gel strength values make TRU-BORE® the best risk management tool available today. Typical Characteristics:

  • Barrel Yield: 240 – 260
  • Fluid Loss: 12 – cc.
  • Mesh: 80% ± 2 Passing 200 mesh
  • PH 8.1 ± .2
  • Moisture: 8% ± 1.5

Mixing Ratios: For every 100 gallons of make-up water, adding 15 to 25 pounds of TRU-BORE® will yield a viscosity of approximately 45 seconds on a Marsh Funnel. At a rate of 27 pounds per 100 gallons, viscosity can climb to 60 seconds.

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