Thermometer, Traceable, Digital, Temperature Range: -58 to 572°F, 11-3/8″ Stem, Calibrated

SKU: 4353


4353 Traceable® Extra-Long Stem, Wide Range Thermometer Perfect sized unit fits into flasks, cuvets, test tubes and beakers.  Read temperatures in foods, gases, samples, reagents, water baths and semi-solids.  Stainless-steel probe is resistant to most laboratory chemicals.  Long stem (11-3/8″) allows user to make measurements while stirring solutions in deep vessels. Features:

  • Stainless-Steel Probe
  • Simple 2-button operation
  • °F/°C Switchable Range
  • Long stem allows for taking readings while stirring
  • Replaces Mercury and Glass Thermometers
  • Unbeatable Accuracy
  • Elimantes Mercury
  • Traceable to NIST for accuracy


  • Range: -58°F to 582°F (-50°C to 300°C)
  • Accuracy: ±1°C
  • Resolution: 0.1° from -20 to 200° (1° outside this range)
  • Stem Length: 11-3/8″
  • Overall Length: 14-3/8″
  • Weight: lt 1 oz.

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