Thermocure ll, Concrete Cylinder Curing Box


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Thermocure ll, Concrete Cylinder Curing Box The first portable unit that heats and cools. ASTM requires the curing of test cylinders under controlled conditions during the first 48 hours in the field.  Most likely, all 50 states will soon follow suit.  That means maintaining the cylinders within a range of 60° F – 80° F on the job site.  Other curing methods aren’t reliable enough to ensure compliance. Thermocure ll, however, makes it easy. Features / Benefits:

  • Right temperature in every environment


    • Maintains automatic temperature control with a heat pump
    • Heats and cools to within 2° of the ideal temperature (within ASTM limits)


  • Designed and built to last


    • High-tech plastic construction makes the unit rustproof, corrosion resistant, and durable
    • Every component can be removed and replaced


  • Easy to transport, easy to use


  • Lightweight construction (130 lbs) makes it easily transportable to and from job sites
  • Simply fill with water, set the electronic control, add the cylinders and forget about it
  • Holds 22 standard 6″ x 12″ test cylinders (w/o stacking)
  • Holds 46 standard 4″ x 8″ test cylinders (w/o stacking)
  • Outside Dimensions – 21″ H x 25″ W x 75″ L
  • Inside Dimensions – 15″ H x 16″ W x 52″ L
  • Meets AASHTO T23 and ASTM C31 Curing Requirements

Thermocure l, just like Thermocure ll but without the cooling function.

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