Tamping Head, Round Face, For Rainhart Soil Compaction Machine, For Proctor Machine, Used With 4″ Molds Only

SKU: 662H4C


Rainhart Round Face Tamping Head For 4″ Soil Compaction Molds

  • Used with 4″ soil molds for LBR, CBR, Proctor
  • Meets ASTM D1557 and D698
  • Meets Florida Method FM 5-515
  • Meets AASHTO T-99, T-180 and T-192
  • Machined 2 inch dia. (pi sq. in.) face for use with 4 inch I.D. soil molds only
  • Attaches to tamping shaft of Automatic Tamper to form 5.5 lb. rammer
  • Enameled, hardened ductile iron
  • Approximate Shipping Weight 4 lbs.

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