Strong Arm, Chute Scraper Handle



The Strong Arm is to used in conjunction with the Chute Scraper. It was designed to place in the chute to stop flow so you can save time and money.

What can you do with the Strong Arm?

You’ll be able to stop the flow of concrete much faster.

You can leave your chute down while shoveling in and out.

The scraper will stay on the chute, even when your not using it.

You can fill wheel barrels faster because you don’t have to walk back toward the truck and pull the concrete down after stopping your drum at exactly the right moment.

You’ll have more control. Both hands are free to run the truck and swing the chute, especially on uneven ground.

Finally, you can use it as a gate. Raise just the paddle end to fill five gallon buckets, post holes, parking cylinders or while curbing. And some accidental discharges can be avoided.

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