Strike Off Bar, Aluminum, 12″ x 1″ x 1/8″

SKU: C44134


Aluminum Strike Off Bar with straight sides

  • Length 12-3/4″
  • Width 1″
  • Thickness 1/8″ Used to remove excess material when molding concrete cylinder specimens, conducting slump cone tests, unit weight measures, volumetair, roller meter and pressure meter tests. Check local requirements to be sure, as a Straight Edge may be required for some of the aforementioned tests. See part number HM307 for Straight Edges used in concrete and soil testing. Straight Edges are made from steel with a beveled edge and are heavier duty than these aluminum strike off bars. Straight edges are typically required for CBR and LBR molds as well as other soil compaction molds and pressure meters and unit weight buckets. Check local requirements to be sure.

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