SP-33 Stainless Steel Mini-Splitter®, Universal Splitter



The SP 33 Stainless Steel Mini Splitter® – 100% stainless steel construction of the SP-33 reduces the risk of sample contamination and increases durability of the chute bars and sample pans. This model is a good choice for sensitive materials, foodgrade samples, or abrasives. The SP-302 Dust Enclosure Kit is compatible with this unit. Two stainless steel sample pans are included, extras can be ordered. The Universal adjustable chute design features easy to adjust chutes and spring loaded lever-release hoppers to assure top accuracy when reducing bulk materials. Universal Splitters are versatile, convenient, and cost-effective. A single model serves the purpose of two or more conventional splitters. Since material flow is controlled with a lever-release, only the included sample collecting pans are necessary for proper use. Extra sample pans are available for faster, more efficient material processing. The Universal chutes consist of aluminum bars of precise width pivoting on a rod through their lower ends. The top of the bar ends are grouped on alternate sides to form desired width chutes. Groupings resulting in an equal number of chutes on each side may be used. Most specifications require at least eight openings per side with coarse sizes and twelve with finer sizes. Once set, bars are drawn together with wing nuts on threaded ends of the pivot rod.

Test Methods:

  • AASHTO T248
  • AASHTO T27
  • ASTM C 136
  • ASTM C 702
  • ASTM C 778
  • ASTM D 75

Dimensions (WxDxH): 9.5×8.5×13.5in (241x216x343mm)

Estimated Ship Weight: 15lb (7kg)


Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 10 x 14 in

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