Smart-MC Upgrade For MC1-DRP & MC-3 CPN Nuclear Soil Moisture Density Gauges

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SMART-MC Upgrade For CPN Nuclear Soil Moisture Density Gauges Features:

  • Plug and play installation
  • New, backlit LCD screen reads easily in direct sunlight!
  • Illuminated key pad
  • Multiple project storage capability
  • USB port for easy download of stored data
  • Connects easily to all older MC-1DRP and MC-3 CPN gauges
  • Improved updated electronic design
  • Integrated battery charging capability
  • Power Source: Six cell AA NiMH battery pack with a
                               single 9 volt alkaline backup battery
  • 9 Volt Non-Rechargeable Alkaline Battery: Available
    anywhere and easily changed by gauge owner
  • Battery Life: 500-1000 recharge- discharge cycles
  • Display: Large 4 line by 20 character LCD display with
                   9mm tall characters!
  • Memory Storage: 10 projects with 40 readings each

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