Sieve, 8” Brass/Stainless Steel #16 Full Height



8″ Dia. x 2″ Deep; Sieve #16 Used in Material testing, concrete and asphalt testing, soil testing, aggregate testing, laboratory testing, pharmaceutical industry, apothecary, pharmaceutical compounding The usual sieves for grading purposes where the accuracy of the U.S. Standard sieves is not required. The mesh used in these sieves is made according to the “mesh” series; that is each sieve has a definite number of meshes to the linear inch. The wire of the sieves up to 100 mesh is brass; above 100 mesh the wire is phosphor bronze. The mesh is fitted into the frame and is held evenly and firmly, without sagging or distortion. The frames are drawn, one piece, without seams. They are heavy to withstand hard usage, and the bottom of each sieve fits tightly into the top of any other sieve of this set and also into the receiver pans. Each sieve is supplied in a separate protecting carton. Each sieve is supplied with a “Certificate of Analysis” and has an individualized etched serial number. Conforms to A.S.T.M.-E11.

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