Schumaprobe 1″ x 24″, 40 Micron, Sparge Point, Porous Polyethylene, 1″ Nominal x 24″ Nominal

SKU: SP1X2440M


Schumaprobe 1″ x 24″, 40 Micron, Porous Polyethylene Sparge Point This newly designed Sparge Point is unique in that it is the only Sparge Point on the market that has a male flush thread on one end and a female flush thread on the other end. These units may be screwed together for longer lengths or placed at various depths within the well. They may be screwed to 8 TPI, ASTM F-480, flush threaded PVC or flush threaded stainless steel casing. Adapters from flush thread to NPT thread are available. These units will accept your choice of flush thread plugs, caps or points. All fittings sold separately. Sparge Point pictured here shows the optional male flush threaded plug. Sparge Point shown here is a short sample, for illustrative purposes only. Features

  • Size: 1″ (nominal)
  • Nominal O.D.: 1.315
  • Maximum O.D.: 1.415
  • Pore Size: 40 micron
  • Body Length: 24″
  • Overall Length: 28″


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