RUST GONE™ Concrete Remover and Anti-Corrosive Treatment, 55 Gallon Drum



RUST GONE™ Concrete Remover; Anti-Corrosive Treatment; Wax RUST GONE™ is a one-step; time delay foam-on concrete remover, protectant and anti-corrosion treatment all-in-one. No need for neutralizer or third step waxes. RUST GONE™ provides environmentally conscious chemistry for the worker, the workplace and the world. This biodegradable formulation is also non-corrosive to metals and has a generous rate of concrete removal.

  • Environmentally Safe to Use
  • Contains Food Grade Materials (FDA-GRAS Rating)
  • User Safe Working Conditions
  • Mild Enough for Daily Use
  • Eliminates Rust & Corrosion
  • Safe on Paint

RUST GONE™ forms an invisible barrier that stops the corrosion process. RUST GONE™ leaves a protective wax that aids in repelling concrete, dirt, oil, diesel soot and road film. RUST GONE™ in Rust Removal Use whenever you are preparing a raw metal surface for re-painting or removing rust. RUST GONE™ will form an oxygen that will enhance the quality of any type of paint. Prevents rust spot break thru or re-rusting.


Safety Data Sheet

Weight 600 lbs

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