Rotor For Moyno ™ 3L6CDQ and 3L6CSQ Pump, Replacement Rotor, CD

SKU: C73061

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Moyno®Rotor Rotor for the Moyno ™ 3L6 pump fits CDQ, CDR, CDB, CDF, CDD, CDG and CDT types. Identified on parts listing are standard size with hard-chrome plated surface. Other variations of rotor size and finish may be ordered. The Moyno ™ pump has been designed and built with all wearable parts replaceable. A recommended inventory of spare parts is dependent upon the application and importance of continued operation. For the shortest possible down time, stocking the following parts is recommended:

  • 3L6CDQ Moyno Cavity Pump 
  • Drive Shaft 
  • Stator 
  • Connecting Rod Kit 
  • Packing for L6 Pumps 

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