Pump Puller, Up-Z-Dazy Pump Puller 30XLHD


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Up-Z-Dazy® Pump Puller, Model 30XLHD Heavy Duty (Aluminum Frame) Portable, Light-weight, Economical Features:

  • Rugged welded aluminum frame
  • Swinging pipe vise to hold steep pipe – optional
  • Switch push to operate remote waterproof control
  • Motor and magnetic reversing contactor are waterproof
  • Pull wheels are stud type tires with tubes.  Sure grip.
  • Hydraulic pressure on pull wheels to handle any load requirements
  • Worm drive gear box with heavy No. 50 roller chain drive to prevent drift
  • Overhead pipe guide extends to 10′ above machine (pipe not furnished) –optional
  • Manual winch to lift or set pipe when working in a pit or ditch.  Option Model 2010. (not included with machine.)


  • Motor – 1 H.P., 115-V.A.C (Special Order 220-V.A.C.)
  • Switch – waterproof push button 8′ lead
  • Capacity – 600 lb. load
  • Will Handle – 1″ to 1 1/2″ coil or semi-rigid pipe or up to 2″ galvanized pipe
  • Will also pull or set 2 pipe jet systems
  • Speed – set or pull 28′ F.P.M.
  • Size – 24″(w)x30″(l)x25″(h)
  • Weight – 155 lbs.
  • Overhead Guide – optional
  • Wheel kit with handles, winch, swing vise – optional

Optional Parts UPZ2 – Winch for Pump Puller UPZ3 – Vice for Pump Puller UPZ4 – Wheel Kit for Pump Puller UPZ5 – Guide Ring for Pump Puller Pump Puller:optional

  • Winch (No.1) will fit any Model 30XL
  • Winch Attachment – (sold separately)
  • 800 lb. Hand Cable Winch
  • Winch lifts on or off – no bolts
  • 12′ cable to pull or set pump in ditch
  • Wheel Kit (No. 2) – on or off in seconds. Can be attached permanently with two bolts furnished with kit
  • Leg kit extends down 7″


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