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Moyno® 3L6 CDQ Progressing Cavity Mud Pump Complete pump, CDQ components The Moyno® pump is one of the most versatile pumps available. It has been proven in thousands of applications over the past 50 years. It is backed by the experience gained over the years, both in application and manufacturing know-how. The Moyno® progressing cavity pump is a single-screw rotary pump. The pumping action is created by the single helical rotor rolling eccentrically in the double threaded helix of the stator. In its revolution, the rotor forms in conjunction with the stator a series of sealed cavities 180 degrees apart. As the rotor turns the cavities progress from the suction to the discharge. As one cavity diminsihes, the opposing cavity is increasing at exactly the same rate. Thus, the sum of the two discharges is a constant volume. The result is a pulsation-less positive displacement flow with no valves.

  • C – Cast Iron
  • D – Alloy Steel
  • Q – Buna “N” 100, 700 Durometer

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