Pre-Pak Well Screen, 1″ X 5′ Sch. 40 Screen, .010 Slot Flush Threaded Pre-Pak Well Screen With Stainless Steel Outer Jacket


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This product is usable inside most direct push casings or it can be installed in an open bore hole. Each section is flush threaded with an O-ring seal for assembly to additional Pre-Pak screens, Foam Bridges, Bentonite Quick Seals or flush threaded casings. Smallest Filtration Capacity: Fine Sand


Flush threaded plugs, caps and points are available.


  • Well Gravel – 20 x 30 silica sand over .010 slot Sch. 40 PVC well screen
  • Outer Layer – 65 mesh stainless steel screen


  • Pipe Size: 1″
  • Length: 5′
  • I.D.: 1.033
  • O.D.: 1.700
  • Fits Casing: 3-1/4″ or 3-1/2″
  • Net Open Area (in2 / ft): 1.156


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