PQI380 Pavement Quality Indicator, Non-nuclear Asphalt Density Tester


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PQI380 Non-Nuclear Pavement Quality Indicator, Asphalt Density Gauge

  • Fully Equipped with a Touch Screen
  • User Friendly Graphical Menu Interface
  • Runs Microsoft Windows CE silently in the background
  • Easy Software Upgrades
  • Enhanced User Support
  • Rugged, Lightweight, Gloss Black Case designed with Brushed Aluminum Accents
  • Full Color VGA Display with LED Backlight for Easy Visibility in Light or Dark Situations

Some highlights of the PQI380 are the windows driven graphical interface and touch screen, customizable project entries, customizable mix entries, diagnostics reading mode, data management screen and the ability to disable data logging. The PQI380 also has an advanced GPS system which enables position and independent time logging.  The new unit has a USB port with the ability to easily download data files in a comma delimited file and print out the data.  The six high-capacity Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable batteries are user replaceable and the effortless user interface will ensure that you get setup quickly on jobs and begin taking reading in just seconds. TransTech Systems also manufactures non-nuclear soil density gauges. Check out the TransTech SDG200 soil density gauge for your soil density testing needs.



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