pH Paper, 0-14 pH, Colorphast, pH Test Strips

SKU: 14753


pH Paper, Colorimetric Method Used by laboratories and schools for pH indications as well as by well drillers to check the pH of the water used to mix Bentonite muds and drilling polymers.

  • pH indicator strips, 0-14 pH range, non bleeding test strips
  • 100 pieces packaged in a clear plastic case
  • These indicator strips check the entire pH range from 0-14
ACCURATE ***** EASY ***** FAST ***** SAFE

These test strips include bright, easy to read color comparator charts.  The strips are dipped into the solution to be tested and read without requiring any special equipment.  The pads on the strip change color based on the pH of the solution and the color change is easily identified with the correct pH by comparing it to the comparator chart.  This test is easy, accurate, safe and fast.  This is especially important when samples must be checked in the field and a quick reliable test is required.

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