Packing for Moyno ™ L6 Pumps

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PACKING, L6 PUMP, CDQ The Moyno ™ pump is normally furnished with die formed packing. The packing may be either grease lubricated through a grease fitting in the stuffing box or have plumbing connected to the housing to allow a water flush. Packing gland adjusting nuts should be evenly adjusted so they are little more than finger tight. Over-tightening of the packing gland may result in premature packing failure and possible damage to the shaft and gland. When the packing is new, frequent minor adjustments are recommended for the first few hours of operation in order to compress and seat the packing. Greasing the packing often but with limited quantities of grease is the best practice. This can be done through a grease fitting which leads to a lantern ring in the mid-section of the packing. Do not use a one-piece spiral wrap of packing. The Moyno ™ pump has been designed and built with all wearable parts replaceable. A recommended inventory of spare parts is dependent upon the application and importance of continued operation. For the shortest possible down time, we recommend the following parts be stocked:

  • Drive Shaft 
  • Rotor
  • Stator 
  • Connecting Rod Kit 


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