Mighty Probe Ball Nose Tip 3/8″, 3-Pack



3/8″ Ball Nose Tip, 3-Pack

    The Ball Nose Tip has a slightly rounded nose for delicate probing operations such as: fiber optics, gas transmission lines, water lines and other utilities.


  • Made of high strength alloy steel
  • Heat-Treated for added durability
  • Tapered edges make penetration and withdrawal easier

Use 3/8″ tips with the following probes:

  • Mighty Probe
  • Smart Stick
  • Striking Head Standard Duty


  • Place a small amount of “Never Seize” or grease on threads.
  • Tighten tip securely with pliers or place tip in vice and turn handle until tight.

Mighty Probe Rod – MPA48X Standard Tips – TPT3

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