Mag 8 Receiver

SKU: UM2000227

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Single Point Locating

With an easy to use interface and the ability to go up to 360 feet deep with the Echo 110 extended range transmitter, this receiver allows you to go deeper than ever before. Even with the standard Echo 50 transmitter, this receiver gives you a depth of up to 160 feet. Easily switch back and forth between walkover and Bore-To mode by simply pressing the enter button, no depth programing required. Add the ability to change not only 10 frequencies down hole but also change between high and low power.

  • High precision and anti-interference Faraday shield, 3D antenna structure.
  • Industrial rated gold-plated electronic modules.
  • High-performance DSP.
  • 2 in 1 locating system, functioning as two locators independently tracking to provide better accuracy and reliability.
  • Apply the most advanced forward single point mode.

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