Leak Test Kit, Nuclear Swipe Test for Nuclear Soil Mositure Density Gauges



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Leak Test Kit, also referred to as a Nuclear Swipe Test Typically these kits are used to leak test nuclear soil moisture density gauges made by Instrotek, CPN, Troxler, Humboldt, etc.  Leak Test Kit is for leak testing portable Nuclear Soil Moisture Density Gauges and Asphalt Content Gauges that contain sealed sources of Cesium-137(Cs-137) and Americium 241/Be (Am-241-Be) radioactive material. Testing is normally required at six (6) or twelve (12) month intervals.  Check your Radioactive Materials License for your specific requirements.

Kit may only be used to test for the following radioactive sources: Cesium-137 and Americium 241/Be Leak Test Kits must be filled out completely and legibly; then mailed or brought into our Orlando, FL facility.  Leak test certificates are issued within a few days for all gauges showing no leak. See part # LTKCPN for Leak Test Kits used to test nuclear sources other than those listed above.

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