Internal Pipe Cutter, 4″, PVC Pipe Cutter, Inside Pipe Cutter, 4″ PVC Pipe Cutter, IPC0100



4″ Inside Pipe Cutter for cutting plastic, PVC, HDPE pipe below grade, below floor level or inside a wall.

  • Trims PVC monitor wells to allow for manhole installation and for floor drain installations.
  • Trims PVC pipe to allow for floor drain installations.
  • Gives clean shear cuts leaving no cuttings or shavings to clean up.
  • This remarkable unit uses a cutter wheel to cut the pipe from the inside out.
  • No plastic shavings are produced.

Cutting capacity is up to 4-1/2″ I.D. and the cutting depth is 1-3/16″ to 3-15/16″ from pipe end. Replacement cutter wheel is part # IPCE100 The smaller 2″ inside pipe cutter unit is part # IPC50


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