Speedy 2000 Moisture Tester (20g) GE Protimeter – Not Calibrated

SKU: FL2000D


General Electric’s Protimeter Speedy 2000 Moisture Tester for soils, sands, rock salts, powders, aggregates, concrete and masonry. The Speedy 2000 Moisture Tester is an exceptionally practical solution for field work. Accurate and simple to use, this robust, reliable and portable moisture measurement system requires no external power source. Moisture readings are determined via a calcium carbide reaction in a vessel that meets AASHTO T 217 and ASTM D4944 standards. Complete kit includes:

Attention: In addition to the standard kit described above Florida DOT REQUIRES the following to meet the FM 5-507 Standard:

  • ISO 17025 Calibration and Certificate for Speedy Moisture Tester
  • ISO 17025 Scale Calibration and Certificate

  • (2) – 10g Scale Tare weights
  • (1) – Hand or Bullseye Level
  • Wedges or Sand Bags for Leveling Scale
  • Non-Absorbant Container w/ Lid (for sample transfer)
  • Trowel or Spatula (for obtaining samples)
  • Calcium Carbide Reagent
    Hazard Warning: Calcium Carbide chemically reacts with water! Danger of explosion/fire may result if Moisture Testing Reagent is allowed to come in contact with moisture. Calcium carbide forms flammable acetylene gas when wet, so it must be kept sealed and dry. Provide adequate ventilation and use away from sparks and flame. As such, U.S. shipping regulations require shipment by approved carriers (Motor Freight ONLY, no UPS or FEDEX).

Additional Accessories:

Calibrations, repairs and replacements parts are available. Call: (800) 569-8950 or email: sales@atlanticsupply.com for more information.


Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 15 × 9 in

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