Filter Paper, Ashless, Whatman Grade 41, 12.5 cm/125 mm

SKU: 1441125


Filter Paper, Ashless, Whatman Grade 41 Whatman quantitative filters are designed for gravimetric analysis and the preparation of samples for instrumental analysis.

  • Ashless: 0.007% ash maximum for Grades 40 to 44 and a maximum of 0.01% for the 589 Grades
  • Very pure filters suitable for a wide range of critical analytical filtration procedures

Multiple Uses Material Testing:

  • Used in the Corrosion Series for testing sulphates.
  • The fastest ashless filter paper, recommended for analytical procedures involving coarse particles or gelatinous precipitates (e.g., iron or aluminum hydroxides)
  • Used in quantitative air pollution analysis as a paper tape for impregnation when determining gaseous compounds at high flow rates.

Each Package Contains Grade 41 circles, 12.5 cm/125 mm, 100/pk

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