EZ-Mud® Plus, Liquid Polymer Emulsion by Baroid, 5 Gal. Container


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EZ-Mud® Plus, Liquid polymer borehole stablizer/viscosifier. EZ-Mud Plus – liquid polymer emulsion containing partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide/polyacrylate (PHPA) copolymer. It is used primarily as a viscosifier and borehole stabilizer to prevent reactive shales and clays from swelling and sloughing. The liquid form makes mixing easy. EZ Mud Plus is also added to low-solids drilling fluids to increase lubricity and to improve the carrying capacity of air/foam injection fluids. NSF/ANSI Standard 60 Certified EZ-Mud Plus assists or promotes the following:

  • Stabilize reactive shale and clay formations
  • Improve borehole and excavation stability
  • Enhance slurry rheological properties
  • Alleviate mud rings, bit balling and booting-off in clay formations
  • Reduce drill pipe torque and pumping pressure
  • Minimize rod chatter in diamond core drilling
  • Create “stiff-foam” and maintain foam integrity
  • Flocculate non-reacive solids in reserve pit at low concentrations
  • Liquid form mixes easily with minimum shear in fresh water
  • Efficient shale/clay stabilizer and viscosifier
  • Non-fermenting
  • Cost effective; small amounts produce desired results
  • Breaks down chemically with bleach (sodium hypochlorite)

Typical Properties:

  • Appearance: Thick, Opaque White Liquid
  • Density: 8.5 lb./gal. (1.02 g/cm3)
  • pH (1 qt. per 100 gal. of fresh water): 8.5
  • Flash Point, PMCC: >200 °F (>93.3 °C)
  • Thermal Stability: 250 °F (121 °C)

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