Extra High Yield Bentonite by Wyo-Ben, 50 lb. Bag


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Extra High Yield™ Bentonite, 50lb. Bag EXTRA HIGH YIELD™ BENTONITE has a Higher Performance formula that makes it very effective. This premium grade beneficiated Wyoming Bentonite is designed for use in mineral exploration, water well and directional drilling operations. EXTRA HIGH YIELD™ BENTONITE is an efficient viscosifier that performs well in a variety of water qualities and successfully reduces application rates, mixes easily and quickly. EXTRA HIGH YIELD™ BENTONITE is listed with the National Sanitation Foundation for use in potable water well construction. High Yielding Bentonite Viscosifier:

  • 220 to 235 barrel yield
  • Mixes rapidly for fast hydration
  • Carries cuttings in mud with lower solids content
  • Enhances fluid loss characteristics; reduces seeping into permeable formations
  • Assists in bore hole stabilization
  • Helps eliminate loss circulation conditions

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