Speedy Reagent, Calcium Carbide, Case of 24 Containers, 1 lb. Each, Speedy Moisture Tester Reagent

SKU: H4966


Calcium carbide reagent for Speedy® Moisture Testers

  • 1 lb. (0.5kg); Re-sealable Plastic Containers
  • See part # FL2000D; for complete Speedy Moisture Kit

Hazardous Warning: Danger of explosion/fire may result if Moisture Testing Reagent is allowed to come in contact with moisture. Calcium carbide forms flammable acetylene gas when wet, so it must be kept sealed and dry.  Provide adequate ventilation and use away from sparks and flame. U.S. shipping regulations require shipment by approved carriers (Motor Freight only, no UPS or FEDEX).


Weight 85 lbs

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