Automatic CBR Test Machine




The UTS-0856.ACPR Automatic CBR Test Machine is designed for performing laboratory evaluation of the CBR value of highway sub-bases and sub-grade, and determination of the strength of cohesive materials which have maximum particle sizes less than 19 mm (3/4”).

The UTS-0856.ACPR is composed of a robust and compact two column frame with adjustable upper crossbeam driven by an electromechanical  ram with a maximum capacity of 50 kN and a data acquisition and processing system.

The UTS-0856.ACPR is designed to load the penetration piston into the soil sample at a constant rate to measure the applied load and piston penetration at predetermined intervals. This main feature allows the user to perform tests complying to BS, EN, ASTM or AASHTO standards with the same machine.

Rapid adjustment of the platen is also provided by up and down buttons which are located on the front panel of the machine. The UTS-0856.ACPR is supplied complete with a 50 kN load cell, penetration piston, linear potentiometric displacement transducer (25 mm x 0.001 mm).


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