6″ Well Developer, Well Development Tool, by Qwater, 6″ Sch. 40



The surge block method of well development has long been recognized as the most effective way to remove drilling fluids and fine grained sediments from well screens. A developed well will produce more water with less color and turbidity.

  • Used for surge block well development of 6” Sch. 40 PVC wells
  • Qwater Well Developer is the only product on the market that will effectively develop a well and purge clays and silt all in one step. Built in check ball.
  • This unit can be used to intermittently develop and pump 6″ Sch. 40 shallow wells when used in conjunction with the well discharge assembly as shown in Instructional Guide .
  • Uses 1½” S.S. female NPT coupler to attach PVC pipe or steel.
  • *NOTE* Can be used with a cable attached to a 10 foot section of iron pipe or drill rod.
  • Has four wipers stacked on a 1½” female tapered NPT pipe thread for attaching a 1½” male pipe thread. If wireline is selected to lower the development tool into the well, it is recommended to directly attach a 10 foot long schedule 40 iron pipe section to the top of the tool for weight to lower the tool. Care should be taken to not over tighten the threaded fitting. Hand tight plus a ½ turn is sufficient. If the check valve assembly is to be used to pump water from the screen, a PVC riser should be attached to the top of the weighted pipe and extended from total depth (TD) to land surface. A 90 degree elbow is recommended at the top to direct the purge water away from the well head.
  • If drill rod is used to attach above the top of the tool, care should be taken to assure that the weight of the drill rod does not crush the tool on the down stroke into the bottom of the well. An adapter is required to adapt from the drill rod to 1½” female NPT.

Replacement Wipers are available for separate purchase

  • QWD040 – Set of four 4″ Wipers – $58.00
  • QWD060 – Set of four 6″ Wipers – $69.00


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