Melfred Borzall – Distributor Training

Last month, a group of Atlantic Supply employees traveled to Santa Maria, California to attend their first Melfred Borzall HDD tools training class.  As the new exclusive Florida distributor of Melfred Borzall HDD tooling, Atlantic Supply now stocks this exceptional product line in each of their five stores.  Atlantic Supply recently added Melfred Borzall products to their Tampa Bay, Orlando, and South Florida stores.  Atlantic Supply has been an authorized distributor of Melfred Borzall in the Montgomery, AL and Jacksonville, FL stores since 2014.

The Atlantic Supply team was joined by various Melfred Borzall dealers from around the country who had sent their new personnel for their introduction to HDD tools.  The classes were very well presented by a variety of Melfred Borzall team members including the sales, engineering and customer service departments.  Melfred Borzall has been doing business since the 1940’s and most of their employees have been in the industry for decades so the information was valuable for those new to the business and HDD veterans alike.

During the week, all aspects of the Melfred Borzall line were covered including new or improved products including the redesigned Eagle Claw SD.  As a company known for extensive field research and development, the improvements to the original Eagle Claw came from a project in Birmingham, Alabama just a few years ago.  It was at that project site that founder Dick Melsheimer had flown in to meet with Atlantic Supply personnel to assist the driller with a difficult boring.  After speaking with the driller and taking a lot of notes, Dick went back to his drawing board and the engineering staff to improve on an already great product.  With improvements to the amount and location of cutting blocks and a new style of conical cutter, the Eagle Claw SD was born.  It is this type of work that goes into every Melfred Borzall product; real world testing, driller feedback and the best materials and craftsmanship.

Other proprietary Melfred Borzall products that were discussed included the Fast-Back and Fast-Ream pullback systems.  These systems were designed for the driller who needs to pull smaller pipes or bundles without taking the time to put a full size reamer on the drill string.  One of the Fast-Back items, the Quick-Swivel, can attach directly to nearly any Melfred Borzall blade allowing direct pullback of the product line without removal of the blade.  Other direct pullback items include the Fast-Ream transmitter housing, which incorporates cutting blocks bolted directly to the housing, and the Eagle Eye which attaches directly to both the Eagle Claw SD or Iron Fist rock bits for direct pullback.

The week spent with the Melfred Borzall team was valuable for all those involved as they not only learned about a world class product line but the dedicated people behind the name.  The staff at Atlantic Supply would like to say a big THANK YOU to the Melfred Borzall team for their time, dedication and great central California hospitality!

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Melfred Borzall founder Dick Melsheimer on the job with Atlantic Supply, circa 2017