Jobsite Journal – Underground Magnetics Mag-8 Demos

Last week Atlantic Supply and Underground Magnetics (UMag) personnel held three field demos with the Mag-8 system, the premier locating setup in the UMag line.  In January of 2020, Atlantic Supply was named the exclusive stocking distributor for Underground Magnetics in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Pictured above, Ryan Marshall and the Tampa demo crew taking readings with the UMag phone app which allows for bore path tracking via blue-tooth and produces a PDF file for the client

All three demos presented challenges including roadways, one with dozens of dump trucks driving by, high voltage power above and below, force mains, and plenty of rebar-laden concrete.  Although it was not needed during these demos, the Mag 8 system has the unique ability to change frequencies while in the ground.  This is very helpful when drilling near unexpected interference or buried obstructions and is the only system on the market that can do this.

Pictured above, the Tampa demo crew nearing the end of a 30-foot deep, 400-foot bore, right on target

All three of the demos featured the Mag 8 locator, 15-inch long transmitters, and standard dirt style transmitter housings.  The third demo required the use of transmitter adapters as the customer had a larger housing cavity.  Prior to pairing and calibration, the UMag team of National Sales Manager Ryan Marshall and Florida Rep Jason Ortiz, walked each bore path with the receiver to measure the interference.  The Mag 8 receiver can display which of the ten available frequencies are best for the particular bore path.

Pictured above, the Mag 8 system which includes the receiver, display, TWO transmitters, heavy duty rolling case, and all the accessories

Once the appropriate frequency was determined, the transmitter was placed in the housing (in the case below a Melfred Borzall PitBull housing) and is calibrated.  This is usually done on flat, level ground and away from any active or passive interference.  It is best to take the time to calibrate each frequency so if a down-hole frequency change is needed, it will be ready to go.

Pictured above, the UMag crew calibrates the Mag 8 receiver with the transmitter, which is placed inside the housing for an accurate reading

On the last demo day in Pasco County, FL, the crew did multiple bores along a four-lane road with heavy traffic, a 4-inch gas main nearby, and high-voltage power lines above.  To make things more fun, the last boring was done under a swampy area above a bridge.  With a bore depth of 12-feet BGS (below ground surface) and the bridge being six feet above the water, the Mag 8 system worked perfectly despite the surrounding interference and NEVER lost signal.

Pictured above, the crew wrapping up the demo in Palm Beach with the Mag 8 system

It was a great week and we would like to thank the team at Underground Magnetics for their time and continued support.  If you would like to schedule a demo, please see the contact list below.

  • For Alabama and Mississippi call Kevin Roberts at (334)-558-5338
  • For Northern Florida call Scot Hall at (888)-260-5584
  • For Central Florida call Mitch Davis at (727)-639-7459
  • For South Florida call Chris Rigg at (561)-531-9838