Drilling Bits from Atlantic Supply

Atlantic Supply recently brought on a new line of drilling bits for our Water Well and Geotechnical customers.  Along with the usual Tri-Cone and Drag Bits, Atlantic Supply now provides PDC Bits and Hole Openers in a wide variety of sizes and types.Here are a few examples:

Bit PDC Import Blade 080415

This is an example of a PDC (poly-diamond crystalline) Bit which can be used for drilling in soft to hard rock formations.  The PDC bit has certain advantages over traditional Tri-Cone bits since they have no moving parts and they can drill through a variety of rock formations without changing the bit.  PDC bits that are used for Water Well drilling have a steel body as opposed to Oil and Gas drilling versions which have a carbide matrix body.  These bits will cost more than a typical Tri-Cone bit but the additional drilling footage more than makes up for the additional cost.

Bit Hole Opener 080415

The picture above shows a typical large-diameter Hole Opener which is used in lieu of a Tri-Cone bit for large diameter Water Well drilling.  Hole Openers are typically built on a drill rod body and feature roller cones of the appropriate size for the hole size being drilled.  Many Hole Openers will make use of higher grade roller cones with sealed bearings as they are used for drilling to greater depths than Tri-Cone bits.  Many deep well drillers will install a pair of Hole Openers on either end of a drill rod with a Tri-Cone bit on the bottom to act as a pilot bit for the drill string.  Hole Openers can be rebuilt with new or refurbished roller cones for a long term cost savings. If you have any questions or would like a quotation, please call our Largo store at 800-752-9416.