Baroid IDP at ADSC Slurry School and Field Demo

Early last month, the International Association of Foundation Drilling (ADSC-IAFD) held their annual Slurry School and Field Demo in Clearwater, Florida.  During the last day of the school, the attendees from around the country gathered to observe various drilled shaft construction practices at R.W. Harris in Clearwater.  R.W. Harris is a foundation / drilled shaft construction firm with more than thirty years in business and a valued client of Atlantic Supply.  This field demo was coordinated by Mr. Mike Hagy, a slurry engineer based in California, on behalf of the ADSC-IAFD.

As part of the training, attendees participated in the testing of the drilling fluids, both mineral and polymer based, and the testing portion was guided by five drilling fluids manufacturers.  Representing one of the companies was Mr. Doug Keller, a senior field representative with Baroid IDP, for which Atlantic Supply is an authorized retailer.  Assisting Doug during the training was Mr. Mitch Davis, Outside Sales / Technical Support for Atlantic Supply’s Largo, Florida store.

In the picture above, Doug Keller with Baroid IDP instructs attendees on the proper use of a Marsh Funnel for testing fluid viscosity.

The demonstration included the “real world” operation of two foundation rigs with one using a mineral (bentonite) fluid and the other a polymer (synthetic) fluid.  After the holes were drilled, attendees sampled the fluids using point-source bailers and then tested the fluids for a variety of properties including density, viscosity, pH, and sand content.  These properties are critical as all state DOT’s have standards written that the contractors must follow in order to complete drilled shafts. 

Doug’s training also included the use of a rheometer, which tests a fluids ability to suspend drill cuttings while the fluid is at rest.  A primary benefit of a polymer fluid is the ability to drop the drill cuttings quickly to the bottom of the borehole, which directly affects the sand content of the fluid.

The field demonstration also featured drill tooling training, a drill fluid cleaning system, and a spectacular BBQ lunch and raffle.

Atlantic Supply would like to thank Mr. Chris Harris with R.W. Harris, Mike Hagy with the ADSC-IAFD, and Doug Keller and Baroid IDP for allowing us to attend this years demonstration.

For information on Baroid IDP, please contact your local Atlantic Supply store or Mitch Davis directly at 727-639-7459.