Back-Set Cement Dissolver – Demo for Sinkhole Driller

In late April 2015, we scheduled a Back-Set demonstration for one of our sinkhole remediation customers in Hernando County, Florida.  The west-central region of Florida is notorious for sinkhole activity and there are numerous companies that provide ground stabilization services to homeowners and commercial properties.  The most popular of the stabilization techniques is to pump a cement grout mixture into the soil through steel pipes that are drilled into the ground. The contractors use a variety of tools to perform this service and nearly all of these tools become coated with cement.  How can the contractor clean this equipment AND not damage it at the same time?  By using Back-Set NON-ACID Cement Dissolver, that’s how!

Back-Set Cement Dissolver is manufactured by Romix Chemical and has been a staple of the Atlantic Supply product offering for nearly ten years.  Romix manufactures a full line of cement dissolvers, truck wash, anti-stick agents, brushes, and offers a comprehensive line of sprayer systems for applying these products.  There are many types of acid-based cement dissolvers on the market, many of which can remove cement but also damage paint, plating, seals, hoses, etc.  Back-Set contains a product found in sugar cane syrup which not only removes cement but is proven safe on paint and other associated equipment parts.

An additional advantage of Back-Set is in how it is applied.  Back-Set contains a small amount of soap so when it is applied with the proper sprayer, it foams up.  This feature allows the Back-Set to stay where you put it, which increases the effectiveness and reduces usage.  The following pictures were taken during the demonstration.

Casing jack - before BackSet 042315

This item is a casing jack which is used during the sinkhole grouting process.  Prior to applying the Back-Set, the loose cement was removed.  Back-Set is best applied straight (no dilution required) and on a dry surface.

Casing jack - during BackSet 042315

The Back-Set was applied with a two-gallon garden type of sprayer that is designed to foam up the product.  During the demo, Back-Set was applied and brushed lightly with a soft bristle brush prior to the next application.  Many acid-based products are sprayed on but simply run off onto the ground.

Casing jack - after BackSet 042315

This picture shows the result, it works!  The total time was about two hours and one gallon of Back-Set was used.  Note the fittings and hoses are clean and maintenance can now be performed.  After this demo was completed, the contractor was very pleased and is putting his Back-Set to good use on a daily basis.

If you would like to learn more about Back-Set Cement Dissolver, please visit our website.  You can call and schedule a Back-Set demonstration by calling our Largo store at 800-752-9416.

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