Back-Set Cement Dissolver – Demo for Concrete Producer

Last week we performed a Back-Set Cement Dissolver demo for a concrete producer in Pasco County, Florida.  The customer has a small fleet of ready mix trucks that were purchased from another company and were in need of cement removal.  The problem areas were the ‘business end’ of the truck in the hopper and chute areas.

Prestige RM 01

As shown in the picture above, the end of the chute was completely coated with cement and it appears to have been there for some time.  The contractor had been using an acid-based cleaner with very little success.

Prestige RM 03

The picture above shows the distinct advantages of Back-Set in that it not only works to dissolve cement, it will foam up (with a foaming pump or air-powered sprayer) and not simply run off onto the ground, as other cleaners do.  This foaming action increases the dwell time which leads to less product being used.  The technique used during the demo is to brush the dissolved cement off between applications of Back-Set.  It is also a good idea to hose the cement off every few hours, let it dry for ten minutes, and then resume applying Back-Set.  This will ensure that the Back-Set is in contact with the hard cement and the not the softened cement.

Prestige RM 06

And here are the results of about five hours of application and three gallons of Back-Set being used.  The other advantage of using the foaming Back-Set is that the operator can apply it and then work on other things.  So long as the Back-Set does not dry up on the surface then it is working.  Also, if the Back-Set does dry on the surface, simply reapply Back-Set to the dried surface.

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